Mauritania « expresses reservations » on the 2nd sand wall erected by Morocco

NOUAKCHOTT- Mauritania has expressed reservations about the second sand wall erected by Morocco too close to its borders in El Guerguarat, the online newspaper Zahraa Chankit reported on Sunday, which reported Nouakshott’s « dissatisfaction » with this territorial expansion .

Citing sources familiar with the matter, Zahraa Chakit reveals that the Director of Security, Lieutenant General Mesgharou Ould Sidi went to EL Guerguarat to inquire about the situation on the ground and see firsthand the unilateral decisions taken by Morocco in this demilitarized zone.
According to these sources described as « very informed », General Mesgharou Ould Sidi inspected this new wall of sand, carried out too close to the Mauritanian borders, an expansion described as being a « precedent ».
Zahraa Chankit evokes « reservations » by Mauritania on the unilateral approach of Morocco as well as on the presence of Moroccan military forces, stationed in Lagouira near the Mauritanian army, while this locality has been classified as a demilitarized zone for decades.
According to Moroccan Prime Minister Saad Eddine El Othmani, who spoke to Reuters, Morocco has already completed a wall of sand up to the border with Mauritania in violation of the ceasefire and the N military agreement. 1.
Last Tuesday, the British NGO for solidarity with the Saharawi people (Western Sahara campaign UK), warned against Morocco’s « expansionist aims » at Cape Nouadhibou, half of which is part of the territory of Western Sahara and that none party does not control, if Rabat manages to annex El Guerguerat.
« In addition to being a new illegal confiscation of the Saharawi territory (…) such a measure would put an end to the independence of Mauritania because it would give (to Morocco) control of the second city of Nouadhibou and its mineral exports of iron, allowing Rabat to dictate the policy of Mauritania towards the Sahrawi population « as well as the transit to and from the refugee camps », alerted the NGO, in a briefing on the Moroccan military aggression in El Guerguerat in Western Sahara, entitled « why the Polisario has resumed armed operations? ».
In fact, the crisis caused by Morocco in El Guerguarat in the extreme southwest of Western Sahara is at stake the extension of Moroccan drug trafficking to Libya via the Sahel, reveals the online magazine Strategika in a report. recent analysis on the resumption of the war in Western Sahara and the economic and geopolitical stakes of Morocco in the region.
According to this magazine, Libya is considered a real El Dorado for Moroccan hashish, the distribution of which is hampered by the closure of borders with Algeria. « Libya is also a point of redistribution of Moroccan drugs to Tunisia, the ‘Egypt and Europe via illegal immigration in the Mediterranean.
Stratigika explains that this « issue is vital in Morocco, whose economy, swollen by aid from Gulf countries, is suffering from the global tourism crisis and a debt of around 91% of GDP ».
Hence the vital importance for Morocco to open a trade route with Mauritania through the demilitarized zone (buffer). What the Polisario sees as a violation of the 1991 ceasefire agreement, Strategika notes.

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