Western Sahara: Gargarat breach is a violation of the ceasefire

According to Polisario representatif to Australia, Kamal Fadel, the breach opened on the moroccan berm is a violation of the ceasefire. It must be closed.
« Has the UN mission in Western Sahara MINURSO task become to protect Morocco’s interests? When MINURSO first arrived in Western Sahara in 1991 the Guerguerat crossing near the buffer strip wasn’t in existence. The strip is a violation of the ceasefire. It must be closed », he wrote in a twit.
Fadel added that « UN mission MINURSO role and raison d’être is to organise a referendum of self determination and not to protect the occupier and encourage its violations of the ceasefire terms. Guerguerat crossing is a violation of the UN Peace Plan and the 1991 agreements ».
« Yesterday Saharawis citizens organised  a peaceful protest at Guerguerat calling for the closure of the illegal crossing as it is a violation of the ceasefire in Western Sahara and a source of Moroccan drug trafficking and finance for the terrorist organisations in the Sahel », he concluded.

Since Monday morning the Guerguerate border crossing (Western Sahara occupied territories/liberated territories/Buffer Zone/Mauritania) has once again been blocked by around ten Sahrawis from the liberated areas east of the moroccan military separation wall. The protesters have closed the crossing hampering commercial activities between Morocco and Mauritania, and also the moroccan drug trafficking.
The Saharawi population has blocked this crossing several times in the past year in protest against the illegal activities of the Moroccan occupier.
Morocco continues to plunder the natural resources of the ilegally occupied territories in clear violation of international law, whilst the Saharawi population is victim of forced empoversihment.
On Monday afternoon MINURSO (UN Mission for Western Sahara) sent three envoys to start talks with the group of Saharawi that are in protest.
The protesters demand that the UN «put an end to the plundering of Western Sahara’s natural resources by Morocco».
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